Project Overview

Financial Planning for Women

Women have different financial considerations, for example, they generally live longer than men, so they need more money for their retirement. And, if they have children, they will have some time away from the workforce, so their earning potential (and therefore savings and superannuation balance) would be less than a man’s.

The contribution by women to the Australian workforce has grown at more than twice the rate of men over the past 50 years. Women are also starting new businesses at double the rate of men and currently own more than 40% of all small businesses in Australia.

Whether married or in a partnership, women are needing to make more or all of the important financial decisions for their future.

Reward yourself by making a P.A.C.T the program that empowers you.

Protect yourself and your family –  Protect your family by protecting you.

Act early – Start early to grow your knowledge and wealth, making career breaks less of an impact on your future.

Career break – Plan ahead to enjoy the flexibility to care for your family today while remaining confident your future is protected.

Take Control – feel more confident secure and empowered

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